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With the development of offshore oil and gas exploration, the development tendency is expanded from the shallow sea to the deepwater gradually. The noticeable exception is the drilling of vertical wells. Preliminary design and assessment of injection well array. The first step is to determine the depth at which the sticking has occurred. Drill string design limitations tonmile tm calculations cementing calculations weighted cement calculations calculations for the number of sacks of cement required calculations for the number of feet to be cemented setting a balanced cement plug differential hydrostatic pressure between cement in the annulus and mud inside the casing. The ilr packer is activated by load on the drill string and packer actuator. Chapter3 drill string and casing the drill string is an important part of the rotary drilling process. This abstract presents information to consider in the design of a safe and effective production casing string for well production and also as a conduit for a fracture stimulation. Wellbore integrity of gas storage wells current perspectives.

A stuck drill string results in a major nonproductive cost in extended reach drilling engineering. This section of the drilling manual discusses drill string care and use and. At the bottom of the drill string is the drill bit. Index terms deflections, drill, principal, stresses, strings i. Topical report preliminary design of insulated drill pipe. A generic model for calculation of frictional losses in.

Tool joint pin is connected to one drill pipe end, the tool joint box is connected to the other pipe end. Although the drill string is affected mainly by the tensile force in the shallow sea, the extruding force is the main factors of dill string length. Formulas and calculations for drilling, production, and workover, all the formulas you need to solve drilling and production problems, fourth edition. The course provides a comprehensive treatment of drill string design as well as the avoidance of operational problems and wear on equipment following the api recommended practices for design and operating limitations as well as the standard ds1 for design and inspection.

During the buildup section increase the angle of inclination to the vertical by 3o every 10m along the borehole until you reach 40o. Well planning and construction haynesville shale east texas. Recommended practice for drill stem design and operating. Drill string design this section details the individual components of the drill string. Bottomhole assembly bha design purpose components assemblies. The casing string design program for windows, casing2, has been developed jointly by lone star steel company and maurer engineering inc. Thomas mangum drill string design friday, september 12, 2014 angola tba chevron technology, projects and services title of learning event. This manual covers the range of drill pipe manufactured to gost r 50278, api. Although the drill string is often a source of problems such as washouts, twistoffs, and collapse failures, it is seldom designed to. Heavy weight drill pipe use minimum number of drill collars in the bha. L max maximum length of drill pipe that can be run into the hole with a specific bha in feet, ts tensile strength for new drill pipe in lb, f dp safety factor to correct new drill pipe to no. The pore pressure and fracture gradient chart with the geological data is the basis for the entire well design. Drilling well design 14th 18th july 2014, kuala lumpur, malaysia drill string and bha esign drill pipe class tool joints thread form drill collars drill collar selection size criteria drill collar connections allowable weight on bit discussion vertical holes discussion inclined holes vertical hole calculation procedure inclined hole.

During the projects of deepwater abandonment, casing withdrawal is a necessary process. Contractor shall design, furnish, and install the proposed watermain by horizontal directional drilling hdd construction methods, as shown. Figure 2 example of marking for weldon tool joints for drill pipe according. Basics of drill string design request pdf researchgate. The main advantages of omitting drill collars in inclined wells are. If bending stiffness is also included, such a procedure fails since the order of the differential equation increases by two. Such a drill string would be used on large drilling rigs. Introduction uring oil and natural gas, borehole drilling operations, there are many engineering problems to contend with, as discussed in 1, including the failure of the drill string ds owing to the combined compression, buckling and torsional stresses encountered. Normative documents for manufacture and supply of tubular products. Open hole equipment the ilr liner top packer was designed for medium differential pressures. Agree the well objectives, schedule, costs, order equipment, place contracts for the rig and services, prepare the site.

The formulas and calculations are provided in either english pdf field units or in metric units. Basic design calculations based on depth to be drilled. George armistead, larry wolfson we have been presenting drill string design workshops for over 12 years for all types of operations around the world. Complete design details and calculations of the significant. The iadc definition of a drill string is drillpipe with tool joints attached. Rotary drilling bits this chapter covers the following items. Figure 31 shows a schematic of a standard rotary drill string used to drill deep boreholes with direct circulation. Formulas calculations for drilling, production workover gateaiotspe. Addendum 1 to recommended practice for drill stem design and operating limits. As a result of the limitation with the current operational practices, calculation. It is applied for additional sealing of the annular space between liner and casing. Jarpro drillstring jarring analysis to optimize jar. Procedures for drill string design engineering essay.

The well is created by drilling a hole, isolating with casing and cement and repeating this process until the target depth and location are reached. It will also discuss troubleshooting of the problems that may occur. Drill string descriptions must be entered in the format shown the first three letters of each entry must match one of the four available options. The collars length and size affect the type of drillpipe that must be used.

Formulas and calculations for drilling, production, and. Drillcollar selection the drill collars are the first section of the drillstring to be designed. Example showing drill hole locations of a successful blast design in australia that uses stringloaded emulsion. Photograph and diagrams of stringloading bulk emulsion using constant pumping and variable rate extraction of the injection hose fauske 2003. In particular, the effect of the drill stem bending may be much less when drilling soft formations, while the hard formations require high bit weights. Tool joint component used to connect drill pipe lengths to form a drill string. Refer to the current edition of the iadc drilling manual for a list of tool joint. Mts jack and bore design criteria note home san diego. Drilling methods and equipment for directional, horizontal and multilateral wells. Each cad and any associated text, image or data is in no way sponsored by or affiliated with any company, organization or realworld item, product, or good it may purport to portray. The drill string design evaluates torque, drag, hydraulics and slip crushing. Um and data can be entered into cells i20 to i28, k17 to k28, m17 to m28, p17 to p28, r18, and t17.

The computeraided design cad files and all associated content posted to this website are created, uploaded, managed and owned by third party users. The focus of the detailed chapters covering various aspects of the process casing design, cementing, logging and instrumentation, etc is on techniques and hardware that have proven successful in geothermal reservoirs around the world. Drill string design drill pipe pressure control equipment drill string loads monitoring equipment 2 3. Bottom hole assembly bha the primary component of the bha is the drill collar. The normal drill string design practice aim is to avoid abrupt changes in component cross sectional areas abrupt changes can lead to concentrations in bending stresses which in turn can lead to a twist off refer to figure 8. The drill string is supported by the top drive in the derrick, which rotates the drill string at the surface to drive the bit and allow the drill string to advance downhole. Annular capacity between casing or hole and drill pipe, tubing, or casing a annular. Typical drill string design based on margin of overpull design parameters. This is valuable for protection of expensive electronics, drilling motors, and other vulnerable components in the bottomhole assembly bha. The ratio ic between the moment of inertia i and radius c of the pipe is directly related to the resistance to bending refer to section 8.

Drill pipe dp drill pipe body with tool joints welded on using frictionwelding process. Drill pipes the design process shall address the following items. Combined drill string design and length limit calculation. It is the connection between the rig and the drill bit. Preliminary design for insulated drill pipe nt42951 1 executive summary insulated drill pipe is a technology that allows management of downhole drilling fluid temperatures. Rotation and weight on bit are essential for breaking rock and making hole. The drill string is advanced with the bentonite slurry pumped through the string to the cutting head and then forced back along the string, carrying the cuttings back to the surface for removal. Drill a vertical section to a depth of 200m depth to reach the kickoff point kop and commence the buildup section. In the case of rotation of the drillstring, it is evident that multidimensional strains will increase the total wall strain rate. The design aspects of critical importance and factors controlling drill pipe selection are highlighted. Surveying tools, procedures and calculations methods. Drillstring design manual free download as pdf file.

The tension design is established by consideration of the following. The drill rod exits on the opposite side of the obstacle, at a predetermined location. The drill string is tapered to maximize strength and hanging length by using lighter 5 in. Determination of drill collar and or hwdp length 4. Drill design software, free drill design software software downloads, page 3. Drill design software software free download drill. Topic 7 drill string design drill string design the. Request pdf basics of drill string design introduction drill string components drilling bit drill string design bit design drilling bit selection drilling bit performance. This chapter presents general procedures for drill string design. This edition includes additional coverage on cementing, subsea considerations, well hydraulics, especially calculating for hydraulic fracturing methods, and drill string design limitations. Well planning and trajectory design, bottom hole assembly bha design, drill string design, torque and drag.

Methods of measurement have been proved useful for determining the stuck points, but these operations take considerable time. This section of the drilling manual discusses drill string care and use and gives examples of the types of problems usually encountered when the drill string is improperly used or used beyond its physical capabilities. Drill string design the drill string is made up of pipe that attaches the bit to the surface. It makes the job go quicker and holds the tolerances very well. Drill string design drilling procedures netwas group oil. One option to use with a template is a smaller pilot drill without a hammer drill to ensure that the hole is not.

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